Bulletproof Coffee Pushes to be the Next Starbucks

Courtesy Bulletproof Coffee

For years, the only way to get your hands on Bulletproof Coffee, the official high-fat, buttered morning beverage of biohacker and angel investor Dave Asprey was to order online. And many did, including Jimmy Fallon, Jeremy Piven, and most of the Los Angeles Lakers. Now the cult-hit beverage has its own storefront that will open in the coming weeks in Santa Monica, Calif. The Bulletproof brand is now partially funded by Trinity Ventures, an early investor in Starbucks and Jamba Juice, and the new shop is a major upgrade on the Seattle stalwart. The group also plans to reinvent the functional beverage market with the world's first high-fat water, dubbed none other than FATwater. They've used nanotechnology to infuse the water with MTC oil, which gives your body instant energy without raising blood sugar. Here's a look at what's on the menu at Bulletproof's first ever brick-and-mortar.


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Upgradable Coffee
You can choose the nutrient profile of your cup of joe, depending on whether you're looking to burn fat, fight stress, improve memory, or detox. You can also choose add-ons like collagen, coconut whipped cream, or cacao nibs.

Bulletproof Tea
There's an impressive list of teas, including double green matcha, jasmine white, and turmeric-cinnamon spice. All can be upgraded with the same add-ons as the coffees.

Unsalad with Undressing
Drawn from recipes from the Bulletproof Diet, these menu items are innovative salads, a portion of which are blended with the dressing. The results are an explosive jolt of fresh flavor, and it's impossible to know where the salad dressing begins and ends.

Tacos, Sliders, and Bowls
These quick meals are made with either organic vegetables, wild salmon, or grass-fed beef, and optional additions include pasture-raised eggs and additive-free bacon.

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