Burger King Introduces Lower-Calorie French Fries

Burger king fries rotator

Burger King has a surprise (or, maybe no surprise) for you. The fast-food chain recently announced that it was launching a new batch of fries that are lower in calories and fat than their robust predecessors.

The new fries, named “Satisfries,” have about 30% fewer calories and about 40% less fat than McDonald’s fries, and about 20% fewer calories than BK’s normal batch of fries. 

But the science behind this magical turn of events is somewhat disappointing. USA Today has noted that Satisfries “essentially have the identical ingredients to BK’s conventional fries. Same potatoes. Same oil. Same process. The only change is a re-configuring in the amount of a few ingredients — Burger King won’t say what they are—so that less oil is absorbed by the thinner batter.”

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The change comes as demand for healthier options on fast-food menus is increasing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35.7%, or roughly a third, of American adults are obese, and in 2008, medical costs for obese people were an average of $1,429 more than for healthy-weight individuals. 

Satisfries have no guarantee of taking off, as they’ll cost more than regular fries at the fast-food chain—$1.89 as opposed to $1.59 for regular fries. That said, it might be a step in the right direction for some people. If you like to bargain your overly processed and fat-saturated food cravings with, “Well, I could’ve done worse!” then Satisfries are for you.

A small serving of Satisfries contains 270 calories and 11g of fat, versus the 340 calories and 15g of fat for a small serving of BK’s original fries. Also worth noting: a medium apple has 95 calories.


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