Burger King Rolls Out Home Delivery


In case getting your greasy fix of French fries, burgers and sodas the size of your head isn’t already convenient enough, the Home of the Whopper will soon be coming to your home. Fast food giant Burger King has slowly begun testing home delivery in Washington, D.C. with plans to steadily expand to other parts of the nation.

Although select McDonald’s (the current number one fast food chain) locations offer delivery, the phenomenon hasn’t caught on with standard burger and fries fast food chains because the food doesn’t travel well. But Burger King claims to have “proprietary thermal packaging technology,” which will ensure that “the Whopper is delivered hot and fresh and the French fries are delivered hot and crispy.”

The chain promises delivery within 30 minutes, although it’s not boasting the “30 minutes or it’s free” tagline that made Dominoes pizza famous in the ’80s (a policy they discontinued for good reason in 1993). To help ensure timely delivery, they only deliver to homes within 10-minute driving distance from the location. They’re also tacking on a $2 delivery fee, and minimum orders range between $8-$10.