Can You Handle the World’s Hottest Chip?

 Image via Paqui

The creators of the Carolina Reaper Madness chip claim it’s so spicy, a mere mortal can only handle eating one. Snack purveyors Paqui quickly ran out when they first introduced the chips last year. But they’re now bringing them back, and the fresh chips are seasoned with an all new batch of Carolina Reaper peppers. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, that’s the hottest pepper known to man.

But be warned, Paqui is claiming the Reapers used this year are 25 percent hotter than last year — and people could barely handle those.

The chips are sold in single, coffin-shaped containers — underscoring the company’s claims that you really can eat just one. They can be purchased at for $4.99 while supplies last. And if you think your mouth can handle the party, film it: Paqui has invited customers to upload videos of their taste tests to social media with the hashtag #OneChipChallenge