Class up Your Home Bar With This Whiskey Decanter Set

Mixology & Craft Whiskey Decanter Set

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One of our favorite things to do after a long day is to kick back on the couch and put on the TV with a nice cold drink in our hand. A stiff drink too, something that’ll take the edge off. Something like whiskey on the rocks. Simple and to the point. And we like to do that with the Mixology & Craft Whiskey Decanter Set adding a little bit of class to the mix.

The Mixology & Craft Whiskey Decanter Set is a perfect pickup for any whiskey lovers out there. It’s got pretty much all you need outside of the actual bottle of the whiskey itself. And everything that comes in this set is so well made and looks so good that you’ll be surprised you spent so little on it.

Mixology & Craft Whiskey Decanter Set

Inside the Mixology & Craft Whiskey Decanter Set, you get a few things. For one, you get a gorgeous decanter that’ll let you air out the whiskey for it to have a stronger taste. You get two great whiskey glasses that feel just right in your hands. Two coasters to help keep your tables ring free. And 8 whiskey stones with ice tongs to give your drinks the perfect chill.

Everything in here is incredibly well made. All of these will look amazing in your home. But in our minds, the best thing in here are the whiskey stones. Keep them chilled in the freezer and throw them in a glass of whiskey when ready so you can keep the drink chilled without watering them down. You can’t go wrong with that.

A pure drinking experience with a high level of style. How can you say no to that, especially at this price? In our eyes, you can’t. So if you like some good whiskey to relax with, the Mixology & Craft Whiskey Decanter Set is the pickup for you. Grab one at Amazon right now and improve that home bar of yours in an instant.

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