Clean Green Drinks Kickoff!

Dean stattmann candice kumai

What if we told you that you could change your life—with the push of a button? Armed with a blender and Candice Kumai’s new book—Clean Green Drinks—you’ll be able to transform your body, boost your health, and reset your life, easier than you ever thought imaginable.

Keep checking back on during #CleanGreenWeek for exclusive recipes, videos, sweepstakes, and more. But first, we’re kicking it off with words from the author herself—Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, cookbook author, and Men’s Fitness columnist, Candice Kumai. “I’ve noticed that people were looking for more than just weight-loss advice, they were looking for a lifestyle change,” Candice says. “And this book really encompasses the lifestyle that I live, which is eating very clean and being mindful of what you put into your body.”

Men’s Fitness deputy editor Dean Stattmann caught up with Candice on the set of her Clean Green photo shoot to find out why you should pick up this game-changing book.

DS: With Clean Green Drinks, you have all the bases covered, there’s muscle building recipes, there’s fat-burning recipes…
CK: Stamina boosting! I know you were just gonna get there. [Laughs] There’s also a whole chapter dedicated to building your mental health. As we get older, not only into our 30s and 40s, but our 50s and 60s, as well, we need to stay on our A game.

DS: You really incorporated some left-field ingredients, too. Maca root powder?
CK: Well, maca root powder has been making its way through the industry right now as something that helps with overall health and wellness. Bee pollen, which can help with immunity boosting and allergy reduction. I’ve also included ingredients like resveratrol, which can aid with anti-aging, and pea protein is one of my favorite things because it helps to build lean, lean muscle. And if your girlfriend happens to be vegan or vegetarian, it’s a great option for her to try.

DS: I know the book has over a hundred recipes, but if you had to choose just one for our guys after a workout, what would it be?
CK: Oh, hands down, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Monster (check out the recipe tomorrow). It’s so important to eat and drink foods that you enjoy. I see too many people drinking these chalky shakes, and going on these crazy diets. I tell them, ‘You don’t even enjoy what you’re doing right now!’ It’s great to do a reset of sorts with Clean Green Drinks, where you can reset your body and mind, and then go back to eating what you want again. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Monster reminds you of a milkshake, and it tastes like one! And it packs quite a nutrient boost, with the spinach and bananas and protein powder. I highly recommend to all you boys to check out the post-workout smoothie section of the book—it really helps to build lean, strong muscles.

Consider Clean Green Drinks your insider’s guide to perfect nutrition: an ideal plan for maximizing nutrients, minimizing calories, and telling hunger to peace out—for good. Pick it up at,, and everywhere books are sold.

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