Complete Drinking Expertise, In Three Apps

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This photo-driven app lets users catalog and share pics of wines they’ve enjoyed. Boggled at the store? Snap a shot of a label you’re considering and Delectable will comb its 2-million-bottle database and deliver a profile that includes the wine’s provenance and producer and drinkers’ notes. (Warning: The app’s drawback is that this process can take a few minutes.) If you don’t want to take the advice of strangers or boozy friends, follow sommeliers and other industry pros to see what they’ve been drinking. [iOS; free]

Speakeasy Cocktails

With speakeasy in the name, you might expect this to be a guide to fussy drinks. You’d be wrong. It is expensive — $10 — but you’re paying for a handsome interface, multifaceted instructions (it goes beyond recipes to offer how-to videos), and the expertise of two New York bartenders (PDT’s Jim Meehan, Little Branch’s Joseph Schwartz) who spearheaded the retro-cocktail movement. Among its 201 recipes are a few challenges, but the app exists mostly to help you perfect simple classics like an old-fashioned. [iOS; $10]


Like Delectable, Untappd creates a social network that lets you see what your beer-nerdiest pals are drinking. Users “check in” a beer, rate it on a five-star scale, and write a short (140-character) review. You can virtually toast someone by clicking a “cheers” button when they take one of your recs. It feels silly at first, but as your circle of geeks grows and you learn about great brews — and earn “badges” for drinking an ever-wider array — it gets fun fast. There’s no better tool for wading through the morass of the craft market. [iOS, Android; free]