The Coolest Condiment You’ve Never Heard of

Cranberry Mayo
Nick Ferrari

Tired of the same old boring mayonnaise? This Thanksgiving—or better yet, on Leftover Day—slather some cranberry mayo on your sandwich.

Cranberry mayo is a hugely versatile (but largely unknown) condiment that you can easily make by mixing one part leftover cranberry sauce (whole or the jellied variety) with two parts mayo and a dash of Dijon mustard. It’s earned the loyalty of Jeremy Glover, a farmer who has become one of the Northeast’s most talked-about chefs from his perch at Ceia Kitchen + Bar in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

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Loaded with vitamin C, cranberry mayo is healthier than plain old mayo and great for schmearing on rye bread with turkey and stuffing, making a leftover turkey or potato salad, or using as a dip with turkey skin as the (carb-free) chips.

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