Craft Beers to Try This Spring


For any guy who leads a life of daily exercise coupled with a strict diet; those little rewards you allow yourself feel all the more…rewarding. It is, of course, important to keep those rewards in moderation, and what you ultimately choose is also vital. A cigarette? No way. A Twinkie? Still no. How about a nice, cold craft beer? Now we’re talking!

Yes, some health pundits will question the addition of even a little alcohol to your diet, but we here at Men’s Fitness are firm believers that a few beers here and there won’t kill you. And what better way to enjoy the beverage than sipping on one from America’s finest craft breweries, where quality over quantity reigns supreme. While craft beers have grown in popularity in recent decades, getting your hands on the freshest brews possible is still somewhat of a challenge. “The best way to get is to go to the brewery itself and have them pour you a beer,” says Sean Nevins, President of

“The post-prohibition 3-tier system for distributing beer has made it almost impossible to get brewery fresh beer.” An online market, is the first of its kind, promising to cut out the middleman and deliver brewery fresh craft beers straight to your doorstep. And in the longstanding beer landscape of homogenization and chemical preservatives, getting beer that isn’t mass-produced (and stored in warehouses) is all dependent on quickness and, in return, freshness. For health-conscious drinkers, craft beers appear to be all the rage. “I can’t tell you how many people told me that after a run, they love to crack open a bottle of chocolate stout or a porter,” says Nevins, who noted that beerjobber offers a wide variety of craft beer options.

“People interested in fitness like the organic aspect of some of the beers, because they are very mindful of what they put in their bodies. They tend to appreciate beers that are made with 100 percent organic ingredients.” To kick off the spring season, here’s eight craft beers that offer a wide variety of tastes and benefits (i.e., low calories, antioxidant content, and beers geared towards an active lifestyle).
Better yet, all beers are available for purchase at BeerJobber. Cheers.
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