The Cuatro Caipirinha

The Cuatro Caipirinha

6 sliced key lime wheels
2 oz Agua Luca Ultra-Premium cachaca
3 oz freshly pressed sugarcane juice OR
2 tbsp evaporated sugarcane juice plus 2 oz water

TO MAKE: [1] Toss lime slices in a shaker and muddle (crush with a wooden spoon). [2] Add Agua Luca, ice, and sugarcane juice. [3] Shake and pour into a stemless snifter. [4] Serve.


Most stores carry key limes and Persian limes. For drinks, you want juicy keys. They’re smaller and thin-skinned, with a smooth, yellow-green peel. Persians have a dark green, dimpled skin, and they’re generally drier and more pulpy. To get the juices flowing, put the lime on the counter and roll it firmly with the palm of your hand before slicing it.


Fresh sugarcane juice contains about 15% natural sugar, so it’s lower in calories than refined sugar or simple syrup. Plus, because it’s not heavily processed, it retains more of its nutrients, including riboflavin, a B vitamin that’s critical for energy production. Although pure sugarcane juice is hard to find, you can get evaporated sugarcane juice at most health-food stores. If you can’t find that, try an artificial sweetener to keep calories down.


Serving the Caipirinha in a pear-shaped glass with a narrow top and wider base (called a snifter) concentrates the lime aroma, stimulating your sense of smell as well as your taste buds.


For a refreshing drink that’ll knock you on your ass, try anything made with cachaca, the booze of choice in Brazil. This fiery liquor is not one you want to chug, however–some varieties have a proof as high as 102. (In comparison, most tequila is 80 proof.)

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