Danny Boome’s Fish Buying Tips [VIDEO]

Even if you’re completely aware of how healthy fish is and how simple it is to prepare, that doesn’t solve one of your biggest dilemmas (and the first step toward getting the lean protein onto your plate)—how to buy high-quality fish. To get to the bottom of this marine meat mystery, we talked to celebrity chef and host of ABC’s Recipe Rehab, who shared four tips for making sure the fish you pick is fresh.

1. Always check how the fish smells.

Believe it or not, fish shouldn’t have a strong odor. If it smells fishy, don’t buy it. It’s been sitting out too long.

2. Look at the fish’s skin.

When you’re at the fish market or grocery store, get a good look at the fish’s skin. It should be shimmery. If it’s dull that means the fish has been sitting on ice for at least three days and is no longer fresh.

3. Don’t buy fish that appears to be slimy. 

This one’s an easy one—would you really buy any “fresh” food if it looked slimy? It’s a clue that something is off with the fish.

4. Take note of the fish’s color.

Whether you’re looking for salmon, tilapia or trout, the color should be vibrant. Look for bright pink or white. If the color is dull that means that the fish is old.

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