Danny Boome’s Tips on Grilling Fish [VIDEO]

When you fire up the grill this summer, don’t forget to throw on some fish. Whether you’re cooking up salmon, snapper or trout, fish is one of the leanest, healthiest sources of protein you can pick. But keep in mind that grilling fish works a little differently than cooking chicken or steak over an open flame. To help you brush up on the basics, we chatted with Danny Boome, celebrity chef and host of ABC’s Recipe Rehab, who shared these three grilling tips:

1) It only takes 7 minutes to cook a piece of fish.

Fish is more delicate than chicken or red meat, so treat it with respect. After placing it on the grill, don’t disappear into the kitchen for 20 minutes. The payoff: You’ll master a super fast weeknight dinner that you’ll return to again and again this summer.

2) Always grill fish skin-side down first.

If you buy your fish fresh, you don’t have to worry about descaling it. The oils in the skin give fish a boost of fresh flavor. Sprinkle sea salt on the skin for extra crispiness.

3) If wrapping fish in foil, wrap it shiny side in.

Cooking fish in aluminum foil eliminates a lot of mess and saves you several minutes of clean-up time. Just remember that foil has two different sides. The shiny side reflects heat within the packet and should be what is touching the fish. The dull side helps retain heat, so keep it on the outside.

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