David Lynch and Mikkeller Join to Make some ‘Damn Good’ Beers

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Image via Mikkeller

Hot off the the television return of his iconic show Twin Peaks, legendary artist David Lynch has collaborated with Danish brewmasters Mikkeller to create three new beers inspired by its world. The three beers will debut this weekend at Lynch’s Los Angeles-based Festival of Disruption.

The new brews include Log Lady Lager, Red Room Ale, and Damn Good Coffee Stout. The java brew is an oatmeal stout made with Lynch’s own blend of coffee, the David Lynch Signature Cup Organic House Blend.

Lynch was involved heavily in the entire creation process, from naming the beers to taste testing them. He also worked very closely with the brand’s art director Keith Shore to create each can.

“Lynch and his team sent us a mood board of various Mikkeller labels they liked and shared images of Lynch’s drawings,” Shore said. “Each illustration is based on iconic scenes from Twin Peaks, and the color palette is also taken from the television series.”

If you want to try the new beers before anyone else, Lynch’s Festival of Disruption goes down on October 14 and 15, with performances ranging from the musical to live art to meditation. Tickets can be purchased here

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