Did a Group of Yale Students Find the Cure for Hangovers?

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A team of Yale students believes they’ve won the last battle in the game of booze versus man: preventing the dreaded hangover.

Two seniors at the Ivy League university, Liam McClintock and Margaret Morse, joined forces with a pharmaceutical manufacturer to bring their all-natural hangover blocker Mentis (formerly branded as SunUp) to the masses.

Mentis is a citrus-flavored powder that you simply mix up with water and consume before a night (or day) of drinking. The blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is specifically formulated to prevent any physical drinking-induced repercussions later, so you can skip the headaches and fatigue and get on with your life.

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“Mentis is a hangover preventative that arms your body with the nutrients it needs to help fight hangovers,” McClintock says. “There was a two-step process that went into our formula. First, we identified the root causes of a hangover as far as scientific research has suggested, and second we researched and identified nutrients that could combat these causes. We tested several different formulations.”

What McClintock and Morse found was that when drinking, your body’s immune system goes into overdrive and becomes inflamed. That inflammation leads to reduced vitamins and minerals in the body and creates a state of depletion. Instead of attempting to restore these necessary levels of nutrients and reduce inflammation after the hangover has already happened (you know, the Tylenol and Gatorade trick), Mentis is formulated to prevent the depletion from happening in the first place by suppressing your body’s negative immune responses to alcohol and supplying you with the amino acids necessary to combat alcohol toxicity.

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“I have always been a big fan of supplements and in trying to find a solution to my own hangovers, I found that none of the products on the market were effective,” McClintock says. Mentis contains the muscle- and mind-building amino acid L-Glutamine, B vitamins, potassium, Vitamin C, green tea extract, and zinc. Frankly, the ingredient list looks a little like a pre-workout supplement (which isn’t shocking, considering that McClintock is a D1 athlete).

But Mentis wasn’t created with just frat boys and college athletes in mind. “Mentis is intended for college students and working professionals who want to be social but also need to get work done,” he says. “The name comes from the Latin word for mind, and specifically the phrase ‘compos mentis’ meaning of a sound mind.”

While a pharmaceutical company is manufacturing Mentis, the supplement isn’t available in stores yet. You can preorder the product for five dollars per packet through the Mentis website, and it’ll be on your doorstep no later than the end of April.

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