Don’t Lose Any Productivity When You Go Back To School With Freshly

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For the last year, a lot of people in the world have had to shift to working from home. Not even just working from home. But going to school from home. And even now, that is still the case for a lot of students. It may be easier in many ways, but it brings its own sort of difficulties. A big one being all the time that has to be spent preparing meals. Thankfully, we found a service that can help!

While taking care of school work during the day from home can be a lot easier than having to commute everywhere, it can still take a lot of effort to shift gears from working on assignments to preparing meals. That is why the internet is our friend these days. Because you can find many services that will deliver meals right to your front door. And the best of them may very well be Freshly.

As soon as you start using Freshly, you will start to see the benefits. Not just the fact that you don’t lose any productivity in your day when you start getting these meals sent to you. Although that is a big benefit of the service. Because these meals aren’t sent to you in pieces that you need to prep and cook. Each kit comes prepared and ready to eat in just 3 minutes’ time. Throw them in the microwave and voila. You’re good to enjoy your meals.

Enjoy those meals you will, since these meals from Freshly are prepared by chefs. These aren’t meals thrown together for the convenience of it all. You will heat these up and eat them and be completely blown away every time. And choosing these meals is very easy too. At the start of every week, you will sit down and choose from a weekly rotating menu of over 35 options that all look incredibly tasty.

That way you aren’t just eating the same thing over and over again. Variety is the spice of life here and the means you will get to see how incredible these meals are. Not just because they’re tasty. But because they’re healthier than takeout as well.

Dealing with schooling from home means people tend to order out as a way to cut down on prep time. But that’s no good. Takeout tends to be unhealthy. Not with the meals from Freshly though. They are made with the best ingredients around. And they are not overdone with ingredients either. Each meal is made to hit one serving size. That way you aren’t overeating during the day.

Don't Lose Any Productivity

When people overeat, it doesn’t just make a big dent in your health. It also affects your productivity. You end up feeling sluggish and tired. That makes it a lot harder to finish up your assignments. And not just finish them but finish them in a satisfactory way. But with the healthy meals that are smartly proportioned, you will have all the energy and focus you need to attack the day.

This kind of thinking wasn’t half-formed or some kind of happy accident. Freshly set out from the start to make sure the meals that were delivered under the Freshly banner were healthy and enjoyable. Not just the meal sizes or the ingredients they use. It’s also thanks to the ingredients that aren’t used.

Skipping out on processed foods and unhealthy ingredients is the philosophy over at Freshly. Delivering healthy meals with more nutrients in them is a big benefit for anyone’s life. One just has to look at the meals that Freshly has served in the past like the Chicken Parm. A meal that avoids using bread crumbs, instead using almond flour as a coating.

With all the healthy and delicious options over at Freshly, you might assume that the pricing is too high for you. But it isn’t. Using and paying for the meals isn’t difficult at all. You can choose how many meals you get a week. Plans start at 4 meals a week with a cost of $11.49 a meal and go up to 12 meals a week at $8.49 a week. All you gotta do is start out the week choosing from the delicious meals available and wait for them to arrive.

Looking at these meal options, you’ll be waiting by the door for them to be delivered. All you need to do is sign up for the meal plan options that work best for you. Say goodbye to brown-bagging it from home or having to kill time making your own meals. Save money and save time with the meals that’ll fuel you up to be at your best all day long. Freshly is here to make schooling from home a whole lot more enjoyable.

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