Drop 5 Pounds in April


Lose the love handles! Each month, we give you five ways to take off five pounds-all within the next 30 days.

Stay Away From Easter Candy
While they may be delicious, Easter treats such as jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, Cadbury crème eggs, and marshmallow Peeps are full of sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and other serious belly busters.

  • Calories saved if you pass up an average basket this year: 2,212

Join a Fitness Class
Sick of the same workout routine day in and day out? Try signing up for a boxing or spinning class. Both classes will eat up an average of 980 calories an hour.

  • Calories burned if you take six one-hour classes this month: 5,880

Take on Home Projects
With warmer weather comes the dreaded spring-cleaning. Spend a couple of days this month washing windows, vacuuming, organizing closets, and throwing out all the crap that has been piling up around your house for the past year.

  • Calories burned if you spring-clean for one weekend this month: 3,270

Just Say No to Extras
The temptation to fire up your grill this month will be high—just make sure your calorie intake isn’t. Remember to hold the fries and take it easy on the condiments. Most of the calories in a burger come from all the extras you pile on.

  • Calories saved by cutting out the cheese from four burgers this month: 1,200

Lighten Up on the Booze
We’re coming up on party season. As the temperatures start to climb, you’ll most likely find yourself at numerous gatherings and functions with a cold one in your hand. Remember to keep those empty calories at bay by switching to a lighter alcoholic beverage.

  • Calories saved if you switch to a light beer or vodka and tonic: 50 calories per drink