Duke Spirits Makes For A Perfect Father’s Day Gift

duke spirits
duke spirits

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John Wayne, the Man and the Legend was a hard-working craftsman who loved and perfected his craft as an actor. The DUKE, as he was affectionately known, was also a loving father, a fisherman, horseman, hunter, adventurer, and an unabashed patriot of The United States of America.

To his credit, he was a loyal friend to many, believed in equality amongst Americans, and was passionate about sharing a good drink with his friends and coworkers. John Wayne was a true craftsman of film and he carried this devotion, patience, and quest for excellence to his other favorite endeavors, mainly boating, creating his own whiskey and tequila, and interestingly enough mining.

He sought out the greatest American Whiskeys, the finest Scotch, and Wines of true merit from all the great wine regions. Nothing was too good for his friends and he was often quoted as saying that if he was going to have a drink, “It had better be a good one.”

Duke Spirits
John R. Hamilton © John Wayne Enterprises, LLC

John Wayne’s son, Ethan Wayne, remembers his father telling him about his dream to create his own Whiskey, his own Scotch, and, of course, his very own Tequila. Naturally, they would be aged just right and crafted in a no holds barred authentic style that could be enjoyed in the finest clubs and restaurants, around the campfire with a big steak and roast potatoes, on a boat while fishing, or after a hard day of shooting for the silver screen.

This legacy and dream lives as the recipe was brought back to life by renowned winemakers and distillers. So if you want to get Dad something really special for Father’s Day, a bottle or two from Duke Spirits is the way to go.

John Wayne is a legend and it’s a good bet to say that most Dads in the world love him. And with these drinks, you can really get Dad something that hammers home the Father-Son connection. A connection that truly represents the heart and fiber of America.

In this great tradition of a Father passing down down a recipe to his sons, Duke Spirits has made 3 award-winning expressions for you to get for Dad. By following the original recipe by Duke Wayne, these Kentucky made drinks are sure to make Father’s Day special for Dad this year.

Head on over to Duke Spirits and pick up a bottle or two so you and Dad can hang out on the porch and enjoy the Summer breeze with a nice glass of scotch or bourbon.

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