Eat Better Instantly With Three Simple Food Swaps

Eat Better Instantly With Three Simple Food Swaps

Out: Low-fat Granola

In: Natural Granola

Low fat doesn’t mean low calorie,” says Rebecca Reeves, Dr.P.H., R.D. “Many times they call it low fat but they add more sugar. Depending on how many nuts the manufacturer is placing in the granola, it can increase the [healthy] fat content.”

Out: Multigrain

In: Whole Wheat

“Look at the ingredients panel on your bread products for the first ingredient; it should say 100% whole wheat or whole-wheat flour,” Reeves says. “If it’s multigrain, they may throw in a couple of other grains, but it doesn’t mean it’s still the whole grain.”

Out: Regular Potato Chips

In: Potato Chips with Plant Sterols

“By just eating plant sterols you can lower your LDL cholesterol by almost 10%,” Reeves says. “The National Cholesterol Education Program and the American Heart Association both support this. It’s just a healthier chip.”

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