Eat Less, Love It More

Eat Less, Love It More


1.) Eat eggs for breakfast. Research shows two eggs in the morning considerably curb calorie consumption for the rest of the day. Scramble your eggs and yolk, then toss them with one-quarter cup black beans and salsa for a low-calorie filler.

2.) Start other meals with salad. Vegetables are brimming with water, which adds weight but no calories. They also take longer to chew, tricking your brain into thinking you’ve been eating longer and therefore should be feeling fuller.

3.) Play mind games. Use smaller plates and bowls and taller glasses. Downsizing dinnerware will help you serve yourself less without feeling cheated.

4.) Stick with a schedule. If you’re used to eating breakfast and lunch at work at certain times during the day, make sure you do it on the weekends as well. Skipping or delaying meals can elevate your hunger, and make you more likely to overeat.


5.) Order soup first. Just make sure it’s vegetable-based, not creamy. The fiber in the veggies will soak up the fluid in the soup, expanding in your stomach to create feelings of fullness.

6.) Focus around protein. Order seafood, lean cuts of beef, and chicken instead of rice or pasta dishes. Calorie for calorie, protein has substantially more staying power.

7.) Curb cocktails. Force yourself to wait until your meal arrives to order alcohol. You’ll down fewer calories overall. Leave less room for booze by sipping water, club soda, or a diet soft drink before and during meals.

8.) Indulge in dessert! Yep, you read that right. But here’s the catch: Share with your tablemates. And limit yourself to only a couple of bites, no more. After all, those first few nibbles always tend to be the most satisfying anyway.