Erin Andrews: How to Eat Healthy on the Road

FOX Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews has spent the better part of the last decade covering college and pro sports. And when you’re on the road as much as she is, it’s easy to pack on pounds like a linebacker if you don’t watch what you eat. “For a female to travel with men, you want to be accepted and looked at as ‘one of the boys,'” Erin tells Men’s Fitness nutrition adviser Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, “so I’d order a giant steak dinner or five appetizers and throw a few back here and there.” Nowadays, Erin relies on portion control and healthy snacking to stay trim and energized for the job. The first thing to go: soda. “I work long hours, so caffeine does help. I admit it was easier to throw Cokes in a cooler on the sidelines and drink four of ’em during a game to stay caffeinated. But I probably lost 10 to 15 pounds just knocking soda out of my diet.”

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In this video interview, Erin and Chris discuss good (and good-for-you) snack options for the road: including staying hydrated with water (or unsweetened coconut water), staying full with bars that are chock full of nuts and healthy fats, and Subway sandwiches where you can control what (and how much) is piled onto your whole-grain sub.