Evil Twin Brewmaster is Brutally Taunting a Know-It-All Online Reviewer

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An Untappd user who goes by the name Chris B. recently “checked into” an Evil Twin beer called Copy Paste IPA. As part his checkin, he gave the beer a score of one out of a possible five “bottle caps” and added this comment, in all its glorious lack of punctuation and proper… anything:

Just a little weird Hint of diacytle doesn’t help it Needs moremalt body hopes are off slightly Did I mention the diacytle isn’t helping?

Now. I have not had the beer, so I cannot comment on Chris’s experience with it. But that’s beside the point — what matters here, and what has provided the basis for hours and hours of fun for those involved, is that Chris doesn’t know how to spell diacetyl, which is a commonly found off flavor, commonly described as buttery, that forms due to various imperfections in the brewing process.

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Just after midnight on the 14th, when the unfavorable review caught the attention of Evil Twin brewmaster Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø — the kind of outspoken and charismatic figure the craft beer world so desperately needs more of — he took to Facebook, where he posted an Untappd screen shot with the simple caption, “We have a winner!” Not a half-hour later, he posted again, text only: “Pay attention 2017. Diacytle is a thing now.” Later that day, he posted this kitschy little graphic:

And then a little later on, this:

And then it just kept going and going. 

I don’t even know that I think any of these things are particularly funny (not true: the Wheel of Fortune one above is hilarious), but I’m 100% on board with professionals occasionally lashing out at the amateur online reviewers who’ve come to play such an outsized role in determining how the public feels about things like restaurants, bars, services, and now, increasingly, breweries. I won’t go so far as to completely denounce the new democratization of everything, but man, if you’re gonna throw your hat in the ring, you better learn how to spell.

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