Excess Sugar Not so Sweet for Your Heart

Excess sugar not good for heart main

If your intake of excess sugar—in the form of sodas, candy, junk food, etc. (not fruit)—makes up 25% of your daily calories, you have twice the risk of dying from heart disease as someone whose intake is just 7%, a study of more than 30,000 Americans found. “Excessive intake of added sugar is associated with cardiovascular disease risk factors such as high blood pressure; increased LDL and decreased HDL cholesterol levels; and an increased risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes,” says study author Quanhe Yang, Ph.D., of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We’re not saying you can’t have fun—just keep the sweets few and far between.

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…And in related (sugar) news: Glucose told it’s no better than fructose, feels like a sap.

Sorry, glucose—there’s no benefit to packaged foods sweetened with you rather than highfructose corn syrup, a new review shows. As long as portions and calories are the same, fructose has no worse impact on obesity indicators like body weight and insulin resistance. But it’s not just fructose vs. glucose, says study chief John Sievenpiper, Ph.D.: “We should refocus on overeating, portion size, and calories—they’re our biggest problems.”

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