Exclusive: Stone Unveils 2017 Release Calendar, Featuring Six New Collaborations


Stone Brewing announced its 2017 beer calendar today, noting several new additions to its year-round offerings and seasonal releases, along with six new collaborations and a new series of IPAs.

Last year was a banner year for Stone, opening two new breweries, one in Richmond, Virginia, and another in Berlin, Germany. Both new facilities, along with Stone’s two California locations, are gearing up for a year of brewing a mix of their popular beers as well as several brand new offerings.

First up for new year-round offerings are Stone Ripper, a West Coast–style pale ale (or what Stone referred to as a “San Diego Pale Ale”), and Stone Tangerine Express IPA, an IPA brewed with whole tangerine and pineapple, to be released in early February.

In January, Stone will launch two new series, the Stone Hop Revolver series, the 24-year-old brewery’s first-ever single-hop IPA series, and a heavy metal–inspired collaboration series.

Stone Hop Revolver IPA Series

On January 23, a series of single-hopped IPAs will debut with Stone Hop Revolver IPA — Loral, brewed with Loral hops, a new varietal (formerly known as HBC 291) featuring lemon and floral aromas and flavors (lemon + floral = Loral). The new brew is 7.7 percent ABV and 80 IBUs.

Stone originally debuted the hop in Do These Hops Make My Beer Look Big?, a beer brewed for the 2015 American Hop Convention. According to Stone, the new varietal produces a beer that’s citrusy and fruity, with a light, herbal backbone and floral nose. The new single-hop series will debut in Stone Mixed Packs in 12-ounce bottles on January 23.

Though single-hop IPAs from Stone are new for nationwide consumers, Stone has been experimenting with single-hop beers in recent years through trials at its Liberty Station location in San Diego, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, which opened in 2013. The Lupulin Loop series, spearheaded by Kris Ketcham, senior manager of brewing and innovation there, served as a precursor to the new, nationwide offerings.

Heavy Metal–Inspired Collaboration Series 

Odell/Marble/Stone Megawheat Double IPA Collaboration

The first in Stone’s heavy metal–inspired series of collaborations is a hoppy wheat beer available nationally in 22-ounce bottles beginning this week. Megawheat Double IPA, brewed in collaboration with Odell Brewing of Fort Collins, Colorado, and Marble Brewing of Albuquerque, New Mexico, features “newer ‘M’ hops” — Motueka, Mandarina Bavaria, and Mosaic — producing a new mix of tropical, citrus, and stone fruit flavors. The beer’s journey also has balanced bitterness with a lingering finish, featuring a blender of fruit flavors (peach, pineapple, grapefruit, mango, and hints of coconut and banana, according to Stone).

Maine/Stone Dayslayer IPA Collaboration

The second of three thrash metal–themed beers will be the Dayslayer IPA brewed in collaboration with Maine Beer of Freeport, Maine, to be released in March.

Beavertown/Garage Project/Stone Fruitallica IPA

The third in the series will be Project Fruitallica IPA, a collaboration with Beavertown Brewing of London and Garage Project, a small brewery based in Aro Valley, Wellington, New Zealand. Fruitallica IPA is scheduled to debut in August.

Also New & Noteworthy

Other new and noteworthy seasonals Stone will be offering this year include two new Stone Imperial Seasonals, Stone Jindia Pale Ale, to be released in February along with Stone Pataskala Red X IPA; and Stone Ghost Hammer IPA, to be released in June. Stone Special Releases in June will include Stone Ruinten Triple IPA with Orange Peel and Vanilla Bean; Stone Ruinten Triple IPA with a local variant to be announced; and Stone Spotlight Series, also TBA. In August, Stone will be releasing a 21st Anniversary IPA.

To view a detailed calendar of Stone’s upcoming 2017 beer releases, visit their website.