Diet-to-Go Is Our New Favorite Weight Loss Meal Delivery Program

Bowl of sweetpotato ragout served with rice

Hitting the gym every day is a great start to shedding that holiday poundage. But unless you eat right, too, you’ll never achieve that elusive calorie deficit. That’s why you need a healthy meal delivery service like Diet-to-Go.

Healthy eating is more than a hobby; it’s a lifestyle choice that takes a sustainable, common sense approach. It’s much simpler to make a bowl of pasta for dinner or—god forbid—go through the drive-thru once again. But Diet-to-Go makes healthy eating both easy and affordable via an incredible selection of portion-controlled meals that lets you enjoy foods you love while sticking to your plan.

What’s the Plan?

Working with some of the best chefs in the business, Diet-to-Go delivers fresh, delicious, low-calorie, nutritionally balanced meals in their USDA-certified kitchen, to help you support a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Exactly How Many Calories Do You Need?

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Enjoy a personalized selection of healthy, delicious and ready-to-eat meals delivered to your door twice a week. First, select a menu from one of these four: Balance, Balance-Diabetes; Keto-Carb30, or Vegetarian. Then use the online menu management feature to swap out meals, or pause your plan. In just a few clicks you’ll have a delicious meal plan, built just for you. Finally, select either home delivery ($9.99 per delivery, on Tuesdays and Fridays) or a pick-up option at a local health club, (free, also twice a week). It’s that easy.

And the food is delicious. In fact, Diet-to-Go was rated the number one in taste by Epicurious, beating out stalwarts such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Biggest Loser.

If you want to eat healthy and live your best life, a healthy, low-calorie, portion-controlled meal delivery service is the right way to go. And Diet-to-Go is one of our favorites.

Now, go to the gym and knock out another HIIT session, while you’re waiting for dinner to arrive.

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