Feds Shut Down Indeed Brewing’s LSD Ale

Federal regulators told Indeed Brewing it had to rebrand its LSD Ale.Indeed Brewing

When Minnesota's Indeed Brewing tried to brand its beer made with lavender, sunflower honey, and dates as LSD Ale, they ran into big problems from Federal regulators. According to a report from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Indeed was told to change the name of its beer because it resembled the three-letter term of the potent drug. Despite attempts to try and keep the label intact, it was not approved.

Despite Indeed’s bad luck with labels, there are still plenty of beers out on the market whose names are suggestive (some not so subtly). You'll notice most are types of pale ales. That's largely because these styles are defined by their heavy use of hops, a close relative of cannabis — which is often apparent in the aroma. Here are nine of our favorites.

  1. Smells Like a Safety Meeting, Dark Horse Brewing Company, American IPA
  2. Joint Effort, Redhook Ale Brewery, American Amber Ale
  3. Contact High, 4 Hands Brewing, American Pale Wheat Ale
  4. Dope Is King, The Brewing Lair, American Pale Ale
  5. Dank & Sticky IPA, The Hop Concept Brewing, Imperial IPA
  6. Hop Hash Double IPA, Sweetwater Brewing Company, Imperial IPA
  7. Sex, Drugs & Rocky Road, Bacchus Brewing Company, American Brown Ale
  8. The Kind IPA, Three Heads Brewing, American IPA
  9. Dubhe Imperial Black IPA, Uinta Brewing Company, American Black Ale

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