Finally, a Baby Formula Company That Includes Dads. Here’s Their Review of Bobbie

Baby Formula

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When you bring home a newborn baby, dad can only do so much, right? Wrong. The idea that dads should take a backseat while mom does the middle of the night feeds, burps, is so… 2005. Hands-on in the dirty diapers, sponge baths, and yes- even the feeding is the new norm as modern parents learn to juggle the new responsibilities- gasp- evenly.

And if you’re a dad, you’ve probably scooped formula, shaken a bottle, and bonded with the baby while you feed them. And now, a new infant formula company is also celebrating the role of dad and empowering them to step in and step up about feeding options, formula, and embracing the feeding journey ahead.

Baby feeding stigmas stop here: Bobbie is an organic infant formula for moms and dads. Don’t believe us? Hear reviews about Bobbie from real-life dads John and Paul, the creators of Fathercraft.

Who Are You, And What Is Fathercraft?


John: I have two adopted boys, Calvin, who is 3, and Oliver, who is 8- hence we went straight to formula so I know this world well. I live in St. Louis with my wife Beth, and Ernie, the fluffy dog, and Shaw, the matriarch of the house (also a dog).

Paul: I live in Denver, CO, with my wife, Jamee. We have two kids, Kenzie, who is seven, and Ruby, who is 3. And many stuffed animals dogs.

John: Because they refuse to give their kids happiness by buying them a dog.

Paul: Exactly.

Paul: We created Fathercraft to provide high-quality content and tools for the modern father. That includes in-depth reviews on baby and kid gear, online courses for dads-to-be, and a diaper bag we’re designing just for dads.

John: We became dads around the same time, and since we’re family, we talked a lot about our shared experiences. We wanted to be involved parents, and most of the resources we found were created for moms, and though some of them were excellent, they just didn’t speak to us.

Paul: We started Fathercraft to be that resource we wish we’d found when becoming dads. If we can help other dads become more involved parents and view fatherhood as the awesome responsibility and incredible adventure it is, we can make a difference by improving the lives of parents and their kids.

What Was Feeding the Baby Like for Your Partner?


John: Since Beth wasn’t able to breastfeed, we were worried about the loss of connecting with our baby through breastfeeding. But really, it’s just being okay with not being able to do that, understanding that it’s not part of our family story and we can connect in other ways.

Paul: With my daughter Ruby, she had severe reflux, and we weren’t sure why. Jamee felt immense pressure to breastfeed, and she went on this intense vegan elimination diet to eliminate any food that might be causing this reflux issue. Finally, after much agonizing, we switched to formula. In retrospect, we should have switched much sooner.

Breastfeeding with Kenzie was much easier. Jamee ended up pumping, and then I gave Kenzie her final bedtime bottle and put her down to sleep at night. Pumping was a serious pain in the neck, and then there was the whole bottle storage thing; like, I remember Jamee accidentally spilling some breastmilk and being really upset about that. And we were worried about our milk bag storage system and tried to have this precise milk bag storage system in the freezer.

John: Paul, please don’t take this the wrong way, but the thought that that decision was agonizing for you when formula feeding was just something we had to do. There’s that stigma of you SHOULD breastfeed, and it’s just a weird dynamic. Using formula shouldn’t be an agonizing decision.

How Did You Support Your Partner Through the Tough Times of Feeding?


John: With Oliver, when I went back to work, he had allergies. He was allergic to milk for 6 or 8 months, and then he grew out of it. He threw up once a week after feeding him, and we just didn’t know; it was like, “What is going on here? If this is our only mode of feeding him, what do we do? If he’s allergic to milk, then there’s soy, soy formula, but is that healthy?”

Helping Beth through that stuff was tough. One of the first times that Oliver threw up after feeding, he threw up all over Beth. She was distraught and didn’t know what to do. She climbed in the shower in all of her clothes, with Oliver, and rinsed off, and just stood in the shower crying, not knowing what to do.

That’s tough; you don’t know what’s going on, your baby’s not eating, and when they do eat, they’re throwing up. Is it the formula? Or something I’m doing?

Paul: For me, with Jamee breastfeeding, I felt slightly helpless. Like this is something I can’t participate in, and so I did other things to make up for it, like doing the dishes or changing diapers. But I distinctly remember the feeling of like, what should I do? I’m sitting here, trying to act like I’m useful.

Do You Remember Specifically Stepping in to Feed Your Baby a Bottle? What Was That Moment Like?


John: I distinctly remember the first time because it was in the hospital with Oliver. It was in the birth mother’s room, feeding him one of those 2 oz. disposable bottles, and it was extremely surreal. I’m feeding a baby that I just met a bottle; it’s amazing and terrifying. The love at first sight thing was real; I felt like I connected with him immediately.

Paul: The first bottle for me was when Jamee suggested that she start pumping so that I could have that moment of time of connection with Kenzie. And I remember it being a magical moment. When you’re holding a baby and giving them nourishment, there’s an indescribable look that they give you when they’re sucking on a bottle and looking into your eyes that is quite surreal.

John: Like if you were to give me a pint of Ben & Jerry’s The Tonight Dough and hand it to me, I think that would be the equivalent look. (Laughter)

There’s A Common Notion That You Won’t Bond With Your Baby Unless You Breastfeed Because It’s Primal And Blah, Blah, Blah. Let’s Dispel This Rumor. How Did Feeding Help You Bond With Your Baby?


Paul: We realized that feeding was a bonding time for me as a dad, and it wasn’t something we wanted to be exclusively available to mothers, so bottle feeding was important to us, first with breastmilk and then with formula. And the nightly ritual of it was important for me.

I’ll never forget asking my mom when I could start reading to Kenzie, and she said right away. So I remember I’d give her a bottle and then sit and read to her, first my business books, and then Sandra Boynton books. I still read to her and Ruby most nights.

How Much Research Did You Do On Formula For Your Partner? As Researchers, You Probably Went To The Depths Of The Internet.


Paul: This is another thing that I agonized over. I remember standing in the aisle at Target and reading the ingredient list of every single formula on the shelf and wondering, “Is this stuff good enough for my kid?”

John: The ingredients lists are so crazy, like how do you know? You’d have to have some kind of science degree to understand what the ingredients really do and why they’re necessary.

Paul: Right, like I remember there were two organic brands of formula available, and the ingredients lists were identical, so I did some research and realized they both were produced at the same factory, and they were the exact same formula. And that was another scary moment for me, like these people are marketing these things differently, what is going on here? How can I trust this process?


Why Are You Excited About Bobbie As a Product?

John: Bobbie reminds me a lot of Patagonia. You can trace everything, every ingredient, back to its source. You can trace the container you have back to its source. I like that the main ingredients are coming from organically sourced, sustainably sourced places.

Paul: As a Bulletproof Coffee drinker, I realize that European standards are much more stringent than the US. Europe exports coffee that doesn’t meet European standards to the US. I’m a believer in European food standards so seeing that there’s a baby formula made in Europe makes me happy.


What Do You Think of the Ingredients?

Paul: I appreciate the pasture-raised dairy because I’m a big believer in the health benefits of milk products that come from pasture-raised cows.

John: Yeah, the milk comes from Organic Valley, and the cows spend 42% more time in pasture than what’s recommended by the USDA, so that’s almost half more. Also, I like that there’s no corn syrup, like no palm oil. I like what’s NOT there.

Why Is It Important To Have An Option For Organic Formula That’s Made In The US And Meets EU Nutritional Standards?


John: Formula is expensive, and if you’re going to spend that much, it’s nice to have an option where you know what the ingredients are, so you know what you’re spending your money on is quality.

Paul: I appreciate a company that is being so incredibly thoughtful and scientific. And they’re coming at this from parents’ perspective and wanting to make products they feel good about giving to their kids.

Baby Formula

Why Is It Important To Include All Types Of Parenting, Family Units, And Feeding Journeys Beyond Just The Boobs?

John: As a dad of adopted kids, boobs were never an option for us, but we still care about the health of our children. At some point, most families go down the formula route. Using formula is becoming more common, either because of feeding challenges, transitioning out of breastfeeding, or whatever. Having that ready for all families and saying, “Hey, you’re gonna be ok, you have this great option.”

Paul: We used formula with both of our kids, so making that part of the conversation, even if you choose breastfeeding, helps as a transition. It helps to normalize it and remove a small part of the immense guilt parents feel about all aspects of parenting.


Why Would You Recommend Bobbie To Fellow Dads And How Could It Help Support Their Partners?

Paul: I’d say Bobbie can save you and your partner a lot of stress. If we had felt rock solid comfortable with a formula brand, the decision to switch to formula with Ruby would have been much easier. We tried to stick with breastfeeding far longer than we should have for her health. Bobbie would have saved us that agony.

John: I’d recommend Bobbie to fellow dads because it’s a formula brand you can feel really good about. The ingredients come from happy cows, and also, I’ve tasted it, and you know, I’m not their target demographic, but it tasted alright.


As A Team Of Medical Experts, Food Scientists, And Parents, Bobbie Is Crafted With Knowledge, Responsibility, And Love

The first year of a baby’s life is the most vital to development—Bobbie is here to make sure you’ll be ready with a nourishing bottle in hand.

After 2000 quality tests to ensure the safety of Bobbie formula, this scientifically-supported recipe arrives at your door. Bobbie provides carbohydrates and fat for growth and energy and protein, vitamins, and minerals for development- the complete nutrition for a growing baby 0 to 12 months- and meets all FDA requirements.

It also is modeled after European nutritional standards which includes 20mg of DHA for brain development (the US currently has no set standard) and optimal levels of iron to prevent constipation and Bobbie proudly leaves out corn syrup, maltodextrin, and palm oil.

Learn more about their ingredients here.


This Formula Supports Your Infant and the Modern Family Through Parenthood

Bobbie asks the tough questions: Do you know what ingredients are in your infant’s food? Is your baby formula company looking out for your baby?

Each batch of Bobbie formula is crafted in Vermont by a world-class manufacturer, with rigorously enforced security steps. Those packages are tracked throughout the shipping process to ensure the safety of the formula that arrives at your door.

With fresh ingredients sourced from around the globe, Bobbie also promises a plant-based, Non-GMO, kosher, and solvent-free oil formula.

Let Bobbie support you through whatever parenting challenges arise and whoever is involved—this baby formula company includes moms, dads, and everyone else.

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