Fireman’s Brew Claim to “Bottle the Essence of a Hero” With New IPA


We usually feel pretty good about drinking beer, but we can feel even better about this particular one: Fireman’s Brew, a Los Angeles–based beer company founded by two bona fide firefighters, recently added a new IPA to their lineup of ales and lagers. The beer, Fireman’s Brew IPA, is the first to be released from the company in almost 10 years.

Fireman’s Brew IPA, a West Coast–style India pale ale brewed with Cascade, Columbus, Chinook, and Galena hops, initially launched in September, when it was available first exclusively at Dodger Stadium, then at Total Wine & More locations throughout California. This winter, the company intends a nationwide rollout of the IPA, following in the heroic footsteps of the beers that came before it — Fireman’s Brew Blonde (a lager), Brunette (a German-style Doppelbock), and Redhead (an amber ale).

Soon, all four beers will be available in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, Ohio, Kansas, Virginia, Michigan, Hawaii, West Virginia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Utah, and Missouri, according to the company.

Founded by two fireman, Fireman’s Brew is currently led by founder/chairman, Robert Nowaczyk, a firefighter of 28 years and member of the Urban Search and Rescue Task Force, and Roger Baer, CEO, a 40-year veteran of the beverage industry. Leadership also includes David Johnson, COO/CFO; Tom Nikosey, CCO; Daniel Johnson, president; and Chris Allender, firefighter liaison and director of firefighter promotions (he’s also a member of the Urban Search and Rescue Task Force).

As if being firefighters with a beer brand wasn’t enough, Fireman’s Brew also partners with and donates a portion of proceeds to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF), an organization dedicated to remembering firefighters who have fallen on duty and assisting their families with rebuilding their lives.

Oh, and they also make “on-duty drinks,” a lineup of non-alcoholic beverages including Three Alarm Blend, a French roast coffee drink; False Alarm Decaf, a similar coffee sans caffeine; and sodas, including Fireman’s Brew Root Beer, Fireman’s Brew Cream Soda, and Fireman’s Brew Black Cherry Soda.

Along with announcing the launch of their new IPA, the company also recently announced, in the process of a Fundable campaign, that they have received a letter of intent from an investor to finance a brick and mortar brewery/taproom in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. The space, which would be the third production brewery in that region (which is home to 1.8 million people), will serve as a “heroes gathering spot,” where Fireman’s Brew will sell their beverages and host community events, according to the campaign page.

But the fundraising is not done — Fireman’s Brew is still seeking capital to help propel the brand’s sales and marketing campaign, according to the Fundable page. So far, so good — the products are currently available from 45 distributors across 17 states, and, the company said, they recently signed an export agreement with the second-largest retailer in South Korea.

Fireman’s Brew really said it best: “Turns out, people love heroes. And when you bottle the essence of a hero, that bottle captures a nation. We’re ready to answer the call.”

Fireman’s Brew IPA will be available in 16-ounce cans, with four-packs retailing at $8.99 (prices may vary, depending on location). Learn more about the Fireman’s Brew Fundable campaign here

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