First Date Dining: Do’s and Don’ts

First date dos and donts rotator

“I have a first date coming up. It’s been a while–what do I need to know?” –Colin G., Los Angeles, CA

Don’t take her to the fanciest place on the block, but don’t head to TGI Fridays, either. Don’t drink too much. Don’t go for the most expensive thing on the menu – or the burger (boring). Confidently take her to that little osteria that has fresh pasta, or the brasserie that makes its own red sauce.

Keep it creative, share small plates, and start with a bottle of wine. No matter what you do, order dessert. Dark chocolate contains a compound that increases feelings of attraction between people. At the end of the date, use your napkin, thank your server, and leave a good tip. 

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Model-turned-chef Candice Kumai is the author of Cook Yourself Sexy and Pretty Delicious, a Top Chef alumnus, and a regular judge on Iron Chef America. E-mail her your questions at

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