Fit Fix: Caffeine Will Boost Your Long-Term Memory

Fit Fix: Caffeine Will Boost Your Long-Term Memory

Caffeine could make your mind a steel trap.

What’s that thing? You know, the whatchyama call it? If you’d had your daily dose of coffee, you probably would remember. Research published in the scientific journal Nature and Neuroscience shows that caffeine does wonders for your long-term memory, enhancing the mind’s ability to retain information over a 24 hour time period. [Eurekalert]

Could Ultrasounds be the key to super human senses?

Virginia Tech scientists say they may have found a way to heighten sensory perception. When they honed in ultrasound waves on a specific part of the cerebral cortex, they found that test subjects’ response to feeling was enhanced. [ScienceAGoGo]

Exercise can help you find the Goldilocks zone between work and play.

By now we all know that exercise can help reduce stress and anxiety, but can it also help you reach that Zen-like peace of mind when balancing the rigors of the work week with family matters? A new study suggests that even though it’s one more thing to add to the to-do list, working out can help build the confidence necessary to tackle the challenging balance bewteen the private and professional worlds. [ScienceDaily]

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Calorie counts and nutritional info for all restaurants, not just mega-chains.

While we’ve seen a lot of demonization of the mega-chain fast-food industry over the last few years, full service restaurants have largely been out of the health world’s inquisitive eye. Researchers collaborating from Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania took a look at full-service restaurants in Philadelphia, and found that their menus were high in fat and calories. The research team suggests there should be nutritional information provided across the board for all restaurants for the good of the health of a culture that’s increasingly going out for its meals. [ScienceDaily]