Fit Fix: Have a Sweet Tooth? You’re Probably Addicted to Sugar

Sugar is addicting rotator

1) Have a sweet tooth? You’re probably addicted to sugar.

Can’t stop violating the cookie jar and stick to that New Year’s diet? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Recent studies suggest that our bodies find the sweet stuff so powerfully tantalizing that it’s actually addictive, according to Rober Lustig of the University of California. Rats can’t seem to get enough either, preferring Oreos to mounds of cocaine in a study. Now that’s scary. The kicker? Unlike glucose—which is so vital that your liver will produce its own if there’s none in your system—fructose, the other really bad-yet-oh-so-good sugar that’s at the root of sweet-tooth addiction, has zero nutritional value. [TheAtlantic]

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2) Fad diets work, but there’s no “express lane” to losing weight.

A conference of diet specialists in London concluded that even though gimmicky popular diets might not exactly provide a bulletproof way to lose weight fast, they might lead to a more diet-conscious lifestyle, encouraging people to think about how and what they eat. [Reuters]

3) Wanna live trim forever? Grab a handful of tree nuts.

Almonds, pistachios, and walnuts might just be the diet smackers’ holy grail. A new study suggests that people who eat the protein-packed edibles are 37%-46% less susceptible to obesity than people who don’t. Nuts are full of “good” unsaturated fats that provide numerous health benefits. Research is beginning to show that tree nuts may leave you feeling fuller for longer, and might even fight the threat of metabolic syndrome. For the complete lowdown on good fats, look here. [Reuters]

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4) Y chromosome not dying, men around for at least the rest of human time.

At some point, somebody (most likely a lady) probably told you that the male gene is slowly dying out, a frivolous evolutionary byproduct doomed for the bucket kick. Thanks to science, we can now politely tell said friends to go shove it and get used to having us around. The gentlemanly gender is here to stay, says a new study that dispels the myth that the Y chromosome will gradually fade out in the next few million years because it loses a good chunk of its genes when it melds with an X. Thankfully, it seems that loss is stable and will remain a constant over time. [ScienceWorldReport]


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