Fit Fix: How Big Is the Average Package?

Average penis size rotator

What’s the average penis size?

Ever wonder how your member stacks up? Of course you have. So have British researchers, apparently. A study published in the British Journal of Urology International set out to reveal man’s average penis size (men were sampled from the UK). Among other things—they discovered that men also harbor anxiety and feelings of inferiority that are heightened by ubiquitous access to online porn—the study concluded that the average penis is 5.6 inches (erect, mind you). Apparently, the researchers recommended that only men shorter than three inches should be considered eligible for penile lengthening. (That exists?). The researchers also found that most women were less like to care about size with 85% saying they were satisfied with their partner’s size, finding girth much more important than length. [MNT]

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Your genes could tell you which diet is best for curbing the pace of aging.

Scientists from the University of California have zeroed in on a particular gene (albeit in a tiny worm) that supposedly allows the metabolism to switch between a variety of diets (without the gene we’d all apparently die if we didn’t stick to a single rigid diet). The findings could explain why certain kinds of diets seem to work for some and not others. Simple blood tests could also be designed to figure out what diets might work best for a given person, even going so far as to tailoring custom diets that could lengthen life. [ScienceDaily]

Antibiotics given to livestock dangerously increase the chances of infections in humans.

The FDA says that antibiotics given to animals raised for food have been turning into super anti-biotic resistant bacteria that are then passed along to people. The conditions in which the animals are raised (close quarters and en masse) create a perfect cocktail for breeding drug-resistant illnesses. According to The New York Times, approximately two million Americans become sick and 23,000 die from these super bacteria a year. [NYTimes]

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Move over vitamin C, zinc is the new cold killer.

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that zinc was the only supplement that had any sort of ability to prevent colds. Vitamin C helped alleviate the common sickness, but didn’t do squat as far as prevention was concerned. [TheTelegraph]

Medical marijuana in Georgia?

A state representative from Macon, Allen Peake (R), will introduce a medical marijuana bill to the legislature today. [AtlantaINTown]

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