Fitness-Friendly Food Condiments


The quest for the healthiest meals on the planet often leaves you in an additional search…for flavor. While taking the time to combine ingredients in appropriate proportion can leave you with a mouth-watering dish that won’t ruin your physique, grilling up a piece of chicken and washing it down with some broccoli can leave your taste buds wanting more. Thankfully there is a plethora of condiments to top your food and give you the taste you desire – salty, sweet, hot, or somewhere in between.

Unfortunately, many of those condiments are also laden with excess fat and calories, defeating the entire purpose of your healthy meal. Read on for some condiments that will give you the taste you deserve while keeping your waistband in check.

Note: Nutritional facts are estimates. Check the label on your favorites to find out the details on particular brands.


Although ketchup can run high in sugar and sodium, this household staple packs a good punch with small consequences while delivering a healthy dose of lycopene, a health-boosting antioxidant. Opt for versions sweetened without high-fructose corn syrup.

Calories: 15 calories per tablespoon

Works well with: While typically added to fries and other potato variations, add ketchup to vegetables and sandwiches to deliver a tangy and slightly spicy flavor.

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Bolstered with zero calories but packing a huge amount of flavor, this American favorite can boost almost anything that fits between two pieces of bread.

Calories: 0 calories per teaspoon

Works well with: American favorites like burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and wraps

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Black Pepper

Leave it’s table-top brethren, salt, alone and reach for this common topping to add a kick to your favorite dishes while also increasing digestion and potentially reducing inflammation. Crack your own at the table to reap the biggest benefits.

Calories: 5 calories per teaspoon

Works well with: Add to almost any dish to for a spicier taste. Use it in soup, chili, and pasta dishes to pack more flavor.

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Hot Sauce

Looking for a mouth-watering, peppery addition to spice up your meal? Most hot sauces add few, if any, calories. Although be careful, certain varieties do contain a good dose of sodium.

Calories: 0 calories per teaspoon

Works well with: Almost any dish to add flavor. Add it to steamed vegetables to make them more enjoyable and deliver a refreshing kick.

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This spread combines a small amount of protein with healthy fats to create a creamy texture that can be a healthier alternative to cream-based dips and sauces.

Calories: 25 calories per tablespoon

Works well with: Use hummus as a spread instead of mayo cutting calories and fat yet still enjoy the creamy texture.

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Honey Mustard

This lower calorie dressing delivers big on the flavor while staying low on calories.

Calories: 50 calories per tablespoon

Works well with: Spread it on sandwiches instead of mayo or use it as a dressing or dip for vegetables instead of cream-based options like ranch.


Packed with healthy fats due to an olive oil base, pesto infuses a bold taste while adding to the nutritional quality of your meal.

Calories: 80 calories per tablespoon

Works well with: Add flavor to almost any dish including Italian favorites or to dress up chicken and pasta dishes without ruining the nutritional details.

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