Five Energy-Zapping Foods


1.) Lattes and cappuccinos

Postworkout caffeine may be energizing at first, but it won’t last all day. Plus, your favorite sweetened mocha adds unnecessary fat and sugar. Instead, opt for green tea sweetened with just a touch of honey.



2.) Muffins and other pastries


People often think fruit-filled muffins are a much healthier choice than donuts or danishes. But all of those foods contain too many calories, not enough protein, and are often loaded with sugar.



3.) Candy bars, granola bars, and protein bars


Sure, you’ll find some protein in these bars, but you’ll also find lots of calories. These are never a good choice if sugar or corn syrup is among the top five ingredients.



4.) Pretzels


It’s no wonder most people make pretzels their number one choice when it comes to the office vending machine. It’s easy to be pulled in by the low-fat labeling of these tasty snacks. The down side? They lack adequate protein and contain enough processed white flour to send blood sugar skyrocketing.



5.) Ice cream, hamburgers, etc.


How often have you justified eating junk food after lifting weights or completing a grueling run? “Rewarding” yourself with one of these high-fat convenience foods after a workout cancels out all the hard work you just completed.

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