Food Fight: How to Choose Between the Unhealthiest (and Most Delicious) Foods at a Holiday Party

Pecan and Pumpkin Pie
Claire Benoist

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to choose between the best foods at the holiday party buffet. Deciding between pumpkin pie and apple pie is just not a moral conundrum we would ever want to have to confront. It’s like picking between your favorite newphews. Or, like, Batman and Superman.

But let’s say you did have to choose your cheat meals wisely, and you were confronted with presenting at least a little rationale for your decision. Here are three common holiday food choices that fit guys often face, and a guide to what we’d recommend. (And for the record: Batman. Definitely Batman.)

Pumpkin pie vs apple pie

Winner: Pumpkin pie

Unlike most pies, pumpkin packs fiber. It has 2g per cup and only 323 calories per slice.

Sweet potato casserole vs. mashed potatoes

Winner: Mashed potatoes

The mashed might pack more fat, given its butter and cream content, but the casserole can sneak in up to 6 tsp of sugar. This will send your insulin soaring and cause fat storage.

Canned vs. homemade cranberry sauce

Winner: Homemade

The store-bought stuff is cheaper and may say “fat-free” on the label, but a half-inch slice of canned sauce has as much sugar as a half-can of Coke. Make your own, and you can halve the sugar content.

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