Food Watch: Baobab

Food Watch: Baobab

“Superfoods” get that title for a reason—they offer your body more nutrition than most other foods. Baobab is a superfruit that has been called “Africa’s best-kept secret.” It has a very unique nutritional profile and boasts some incredible health, beauty, and lifestyle benefits. For starters, it’s 50% fiber, contains six times as much vitamin C as an orange, has more iron than red meat, and delivers twice as much calcium as milk and more potassium than bananas. The powder is even FDA-approved, so set aside whatever skepticism you may be harboring. 

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The high levels of Vitamin C and malic acid found in baobab help your body convert food into energy more efficiently and can provide a serious energy boost sans caffeine. “Rather than the synthetic form of vitamin C—ascorbic acid—that can acidify the body, the vitamin C in baobab is combined with high levels of minerals, which the body uses to alkalize itself,” says Claire Harper, in-house nutritionist at Organic Burst, a UK brand of superfood supplements.

What’s more? In conjunction with prebiotics and iron, all that vitamin C boosts the immune system, and increases the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in your body, which results in more radiant, youthful looking skin. The superfruit also works to enhance your concentration and increase feelings of alertness. 

Brace yourself, the list goes on. Baobab is particularly high in digestive enzymes and prebiotics, which promote gut health by enhancing the growth of healthy bacteria. Also, because baobab is rich in potassium, it contributes to a healthy nervous system, which according to Organic Burst, is especially important for all of you who consume coffee, soda, alcohol, and foods high in sodium. 

In its original form, baobab fruit looks like a small watermelon. However, the easiest way to take it is in powder form. “You can take a teaspoon in a glass of water a few times a day to keep your levels topped up-it has a yummy tangy and citrusy taste,” says Harper. You can also mix it into juices and smoothies, or sprinkle it over cereal and yogurt. 

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