Food Watch: Coconut Butter

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No, it’s not a body product; coconut butter is a spread that’s finding its way onto supermarket shelves alongside all of your favorite nut butters. Though similar to peanut butter or almond butter, coconut butter has a slightly different texture and a slew of different health benefits.

Coconut butter has a rougher texture than traditional nut butters, and will actually change depending on the temperature, due to the coconut oil that exists in the mixture. Nikki’s—an organic line of coconut butters—recommends microwaving the jar for a few seconds if you prefer a creamier texture.

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It might sound incredibly indulgent, and may taste like dessert, but coconut butter is a relatively clean and healthy snack option. It’s also Paleo-friendly, vegetarian, and gluten- and dairy-free so it will align with most diets.

But how is it different from coconut oil? The ingredients. Coconut oil should only contain one ingredient—coconut oil. Coconut butter is a combination of coconut meat, coconut oil, and other natural flavors.

One tablespoon of coconut butter contains 2 grams of fiber as well as potassium, magnesium, and iron. It’s also calorie denseabout 100 calories per tablespoonso eat in moderation, as it could quickly derail your fitness goals. 

Grab a jar and spread it over fruit, or add to coffee or smoothies. If you’re feeling adventurous, Nikki’s has some great recipes you can try out. However, it may be best eaten straight from the jar—it’s that good.

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