Founders Brewing Announces Next Beer in Backstage Series


As we settle into these cooler months and begin to prepare for the upcoming onslaught of the holidays, we are approaching the very best time of year for big, boozy bottles of beer that beg to be split among friends. And so it's convenient that Founders Brewing Company has just announced Lizard of Koz, the most recent addition to their generally outstanding Backstage Series. And it's certainly seasonally appropriate.

An imperial stout that's been aged in bourbon barrels and brewed with blueberries, chocolate, and vanilla, Lizard of Koz was originally made by brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki as a birthday gift for his sister, but it will be released nationally starting in December. 

The Backstage Series serves as an outlet for some of Founders' more experimental brews. Previous installments have included Project Pam, a black IPA aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels; Mango Magnifico, a mango- and habanero pepper–infused IPA; Bolt Cutter, a dry-hopped barleywine brewed in celebration of the brewery's 15th anniversary in 2012; and CBS, or Canadian Breakfast Stout, an imperial stout brewed with coffee and chocolate and then aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels. It's long been one of the most sought-after bottles in all of craft beer. Two friends and I once managed to get a three-ounce pour of it at a bar to split. Three grown men passing around a tiny glass of beer isn't the coolest thing you'll ever see, but man, that stuff was delicious. 

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