Four Drinks to Hydrate and Boost Performance

Slurpee main

Water is No. 1 when it comes to staying hydrated—but for extra variety, try these four effective and refreshing summer options.

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1) Slurpee

Make a 7-Eleven run! In a 2010 study, flavored ice drinks lowered preexercise body temperature and increased endurance running time in the heat.

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2) Iced Coffee

Recent research showed that habitual coffee drinkers (3–6 cups/day) get just as hydrated from coffee as water. And the caffeine is an endurance-boosting bonus.

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3) Coconut Water

Coconut water offers the same amount of rehydration as both a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink and water, a 2012 study on treadmill exercise found.

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4) Watermelon Juice

Just 17 ounces an hour before exercise leads to less soreness after, we recently reported. Buy seedless watermelon and toss chunks in a blender.

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