You’re Going to Want to Stock Up on Four Roses’ Latest Small Batch Bourbon


Start calling your liquors stores — there’s a new Four Roses whiskey coming out that you’ll want to stock up on.

This bottle of bourbon is getting a lot of attention, and we’d say it’s about to make a name for itself, but it already has an important one attached to it: Al Young (specifically, Four Roses 2017 Small Batch Limited Edition Al Young’s 50th Anniversary).

Al Young was distillery manager during a change of leadership in 2002 and turned the operation around from relatively poor-quality hooch to a world-class operation. In short, if you’ve had Four Roses in the last decade, Al either made that whiskey or taught someone who did.

Four Roses has 10 recipes they produce, and the blend of bourbons that Al and master distiller Brent Elliott put together features (We suggest you check out their infographic to understand the codes):

  • 5 percent 23-year-old OBSV
  • 25 percent 15-year-old OBSK
  • 50 percent 13-year-old OESV
  • 20 percent 12-year-old OBSF

But you don’t really need that to understand that this bottle of bourbon is delicious. Fred Minnick, author of Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey, is giving it endless praise; it’s already received high ratings from some sources; and even if they hadn’t said so, it’s damn good bourbon.

Ten thousand bottles have been released, though it may take more time to find its way to your store. At $150 a bottle, it’s not cheap but it lives up to its price.