Is Fox Meat Dangerous to Eat?

Is Fox Meat Dangerous to Eat?

For carnivores, 2013 was a year to forget. In Eastern Europe, for instance, they discovered a secret ingredient for “Bolognese surprise” and solved the horse overpopulation problem in one fell swoop (to the chagrin of Romanian retailers, the black beauty burger never caught on). Unfortunately, 2014 is shaping up to be just as shocking and weird thanks to China. 

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According to Reuters, Walmart has recalled much of its “five spice” donkey meat (a favorite treat in parts of northern China) from several of its stores when DNA tests revealed that the donkey meat wasn’t just donkey. Apparently fox meat was found in the mix as well, leaving many customers enraged and baffled. Evidently the pelting business in China found a great way to maximize their profits, selling the skinned fox carcasses to food suppliers for cheap.

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Walmart posted an online apology on Weibo, China’s Twitter, saying that it would reimburse consumers who had bought the tainted meat and launch an investigation to get to the root of the problem in its supply chain. (Walmart is playing especially nice, as the retailer has plans to open 101 new stores in China).

According to the UK’s Telegraph, fox meat shouldn’t raise any health alarms. While not a popular item anywhere—and most people will object to eating it on moral grounds—it “is considered edible” and “is even sold in at least one British butcher” as a “lean alternative to common meats.” It’s quite tough, apparently, which is why the folks at Livestrong suggest brining it before combining it “with hearty greens and whole grains for a healthy meal.”

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