Frozen Burger Patties Actually Worth Buying

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Filet Mignon Burgers

Growing up, our burger knowledge was probably limited to whatever brand your family was throwing on the grill come summer. As we got older, our tastes developed. Not only did we learn the joy of the right burger build, we learned that the meat composition itself made a big difference. Burgers aren't just about what you put on top of them. What's inside them makes a big difference.

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So, whether you are an avowed carnivore or just watching your weight, there's a great burger for you. Here's some of our favorites, and how to best enjoy them.

Laura's Lean Ground Beef
A lean, low-fat, all-natural option, this contains the same flavor as traditional ground beef, but without as much guilt. This beef has less than 10g of fat per serving, is humanely raised, vegetarian-fed, and free of hormones and antibiotics, making it a healthier alternative burger choice for people who don’t want to sacrifice taste. 

Grow & Behold
Kosher meat is known to be free of fillers and additives, making it a popular choice among even those who do not necessarily adhere to the religious dietary guidelines.

Grow & Behold's glatt kosher pastured beef is lean and full of flavor. Don't be afraid to mix your meat for new flavors — you can lighten by adding veal, or intensify by adding lamb.

Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon Burgers
Sometimes you just need a next-level burger. This filet is buttery, tender, and extra juicy. These can be enjoyed on a grill, but we really love them pan-fried. Just sauté in a hot non-stick pan for seven or so minutes on each side.

Beyond Meat Beyond Burger
The burger is made of pea protein and looks, cooks, and tastes like hamburger. It starts pink (like raw hamburger) and cooks to burger brown. Cooking this will be a lot like a traditional raw burger, but with less time: Season to taste and cook on preheated grill or pan-fry  on medium-high heat for three minutes per side.

The Original Skinny Burgers By Gold & Masters
This burger use a custom blend of chicken and grass-fed beef raised without antibiotics and no added hormones for their juicy, healthier burgers. These have 25 percent less fat, 40 percent fewer calories, 33 percent less saturated fat, and 10 percent more protein than typical 80/20, four-ounce burgers, and they do this without sacrificing taste via a patent-pending process that mixes the chicken and 100 percent USA grass-fed beef chuck and brisket. These burgers are best when prepared on a hot cooking surface and not pressed down. Preheat the grill, flat-top, fry pan, or other cooking surface to 350º and lightly coat it with an olive oil cooking spray. Place the burgers on the cooking surface and leave them for three minutes. Don’t press down. Flip burgers and cook for three minutes more. Don’t press down. Use a food thermometer to check for an internal temperature of 165º.

Babeth's Feast
Try their antibiotic-free lamb sliders for a nice bold change from your tradition of beef burgers. These are best enjoyed medium rare and well seasoned. Pair with some feta, mint, and garlic mayo to complement the flavors. Lamb is much more tender than beef or turkey and should reach a perfect medium rare after about five minutes on the grill.

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