Fuel up With Jamba Juice for Free

Jamba juice teaser

Nothing fuels your body quite as efficiently as a nutrient-stacked smoothie. The ultimate meal on the go (with the right ingredients, of course) has long been a go-to nutrition staple for performance-driven athletes and health-conscious guys. While it’s easy to blend your own smoothies at home, smoothie joints like Jamba Juice have your back when time is money. And now you don’t need either!

Enter the Jamba Juice Million Smoothie (or Juice) Giveaway!

Ready for some great news? Jamba Juice has partnered with Isis Mobile Wallet, a free app that allows you to pay for items with your phone by adding eligible credit cards or setting up a full-service, reload- able prepaid account that you can link to your bank account, credit card, or debit card. (The app is PIN- protected in case your phone gets lost or stolen.)

Oh, so the no-time- or-money part: Starting this month, Jamba Juice will be giving out one million free drinks to people who download and use the app in stores. Don’t miss out, and keep an eye on your battery level—this is one time you really won’t want to run out of juice.


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