Gain Control of Your Diet

Gain Control of Your Diet

Are you a feaster, a craver or an emotional eater? 

Research shows the pattern of your daily food consumption is directly correlated to your hormones, genes, and psychology.

According to a recent study by Oxbridge scientists, your diet is downright attainable once you have a clearer focus on the relationship you have with food.  

A team of scientists identified and tested three groups of 25 people, split based on their eating pattern: feasters who continuously eat because they never feel full; constant cravers who can’t get food off of their mind; and emotional eaters who revert to food to keep the blues away.

If you find yourself consuming a month’s worth of food you just bought at the grocery store without feeling full, chances are you are a feaster. According to Daily Mail, Dr. Chris van Tulleken says “people who fall into the ‘feasters’ category don’t release enough of the hormone GLP1, which is a trigger telling your brain you are full.”

The cravers may hold genetic traits like obesity. Dr. van Tulleken reported to the Daily Mail, “it isn’t one gene – there are many. Some of them are about personality; some are about appetite, and some about willpower.” If you have an inevitable feeling of constantly craving food, then you may have carried down the “obesity genes.”

The last group of the study formed a psychological association with their food. This usually develops at a time when you feel unhappy.  The emotional eaters often retreat to food when they find themselves in a deep sensitive state.

Daily Mail, states the diet approach given to each group, “the ‘Feasters’ were given a diet designed to stimulate gut hormone levels with high-protein foods such as meat, fish and pulses, and cut out ‘high-GI’ carbohydrates such as white bread and potatoes. The ‘Constant cravers’ were put on a version of the 5:2 diet, eating no more than 800 calories for two days every week. They could eat what they liked for the other five. And the ‘Emotional eaters’ were enrolled in Weight Watchers-style classes, on the theory that what they really needed was social support to prevent them turning to food.”

Now go figure out your guzzling type. 

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