The Gentlemen’s Rum Toddy

With record snowfall in Boston, and Chicago recently experiencing subzero temperatures among other reports, much of the country is enduring one of the worst winters to-date.
To help you through this difficult time, we suggest you avoid facing the cold, and create a Gentlemen’s Rum Toddy at home to shake off the winter blues.
Made with FACUNDO EXIMO, an ultra-premium aged rum (10-12 years), the Gentlemen’s Rum Toddy is a heightened take on a winter-weather classic. The rum’s aromas of toffee, caramel and subtle notes of bittersweet chocolate, blended with apple spice liqueur and St. Elizabeth Dram, makes this chest-warming cocktail a seasonal favorite.
1oz Thatchers Apple Spice Liqueur
1oz hot water
1 bar spoon St. Elizabeth Dram
Method: Add all ingredients into kettle and keep at about 120 degrees Fahrenheit, serve into a mug or large tea cup. Garnish with 2 cloves, 1 lemon wheel and nutmeg.