Goose Island Removes Bourbon County Barleywine Reserve From Release Schedule

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Image via Goose Island

Chicago brewery Goose Island has announced they will be pulling Barleywine Reserve from this year’s offering of Bourbon County beers. The company had announced it would be releasing seven variants of the revered line this year, but that number has been reduced to six. 

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Goose Island Reveals Seven (Seven!) Bourbon County Variants for 2017

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The brewery’s main reason for not giving the beer to the masses? It just didn’t meet its high standards. In the announcement brewmaster Jared Jankoski laid it out in plain terms, “it doesn’t taste like what we wanted it to.”

This particular Barleywine was one of their most “ambitious” projects to date. The beer was aged in 35-year-old barrels for nearly two years. The barrels were reportedly lost in the barrel house and then found. They found the process risky but decided, “Why not try it?” Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out right. 

The company’s announcement makes clear that the other six beers in the Bourbon County release will indeed hit stores on Black Friday and be “badass.” They will include…

· Bourbon County Brand Stout

· Bourbon County Brand Barleywine

· Bourbon County County Brand Stout

· Bourbon County Brand Northwoods Stout (National Variant)

· Bourbon County Proprietor’s Brand Stout (Chicago Exclusive)

· Bourbon County Reserve Brand Stout

Read Goose Island’s full post about the Reserve Barleywine here.

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