A Brief Guide to Drinking Whiskey: Everything You Need to Know

You love whiskey, but what’s the best way to drink it? Do you like your whiskey neat? With water? Or with ice? Or do you have no idea? We asked the experts at Teeling Distillery the best things to know when it came to drinking whiskey so you get the most out of every drop.

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The classic whiskey neat is always a good way to go. When you’re having a whiskey neat, all you need is a straight pour of whiskey, and it’s meant to be served at room temperature. That way, you’ll get a full flavor of the whiskey when you have it neat.

You can add water to your drink to help bring out the taste and flavor, since a few drops will open up the whiskey flavor and aroma into your glass. If you’d like a colder beverage, on the rocks will do it—but beware, you might dilute some of the flavor.

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Whichever way you prefer, enjoy your whiskey—just make sure you’re using the right glass, too.

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