Hacked! See All The Juiciest Bits From Jack’s Private Emails

Jack Box, founder of the restaurant Jack in the Box, has been trying to avoid the spotlight since the news of the #BaconButterHack took over the Internet. When teenage cyber criminals broke into his private inbox and leaked news of his new Triple Bacon Buttery Jack on JackiLeaks.com, he remained silent. Even after the hackers divulged the details of the hickory-smoked bacon strips, creamy bacon mayo, and melty bacon butter, Jack was quiet.

The newest batch of leaks surfacing to the public, released on Twitter from @JackiLeaks may not be incriminating, but they, are definitely super embarrassing.

Pictures of Jack from his past were just the first of two hilarious leaks from the Hackers, and both give us a glimpse into the private life of Jack Box.

These photos tell a heartfelt and honest story about Jack Box. No longer is he just the founder of Jack in the Box, but also a passionate Iguanidae enthusiast, a karate student, and also a terrible wedding guest.

Speaking of terrible, it’s clear that Jack Box should stick to burgers, and leave the arts to…literally anyone else. This leaked poem written by Jack shows his inner artist turmoil and struggle, all through the daunting task of trying to rhyme a word with hamburger.

The soul of a poet, Jack Box does not have.

As the leaks from the #BaconButterHack continue, what other Jack Box gems will be revealed? Keep watching JackiLeaks.com for more.

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