Hate Trump? There’s a Beer for That

donald trump beers
Spiteful Brewing's Dumb Donald is an imperial IPA brewed with Key limes.Courtesy Spiteful Brewing

Craft brewers know a lot about making great beer. They also know how to make big statements with those ales and lagers. Whether it’s donating proceeds of a brew to the LGBT community and protesting North Carolina's House Bill 2 or inventing a six-pack ring that will help save marine wildlife, brewers aren’t shy about stating their opinions or contributing to social commentary.

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But not often do those statements start a trend. This summer, in addition to brewing wheat beers, session IPAs, and shandys, several breweries are expressing their distaste for Donald Trump with their latest offerings.

Chicago nanobrewery Spiteful Brewing created a new imperial IPA with Key lime to start a “social commentary on ignorance,” as Spiteful co-founder Jason Klein puts it. The beer, which is set for release in June, has been dubbed Dumb Donald. However, Spiteful doesn’t want their new brew to be seen as a political statement, but instead as a warning about stupidity. “What we have done here is taken personality traits we see in some people, like Trump, and created a character with Dumb Donald" Klein says. "It really stands for anyone who has the qualities we describe. Simply put, we don't support hateful beliefs and think they demonstrate a lack of intelligence.”

As for those qualities, the label explains it all, “Dumb Donald is, well, dumb. So dumb in fact, we named a beer after him. It’s like he got caught in a pause halfway through evolution. His brain still functions, at a minimal level with a vocabulary of a second-grade student. You might even start to feel sorry for this man-child. Resist that urge, pop open this key lime DIPA and pretend you’re on a far away island where people like Dumb Donald simply don’t exist.”

Dock Street Brewing in Philadelphia is rolling out an entire series of anti-Trump brews titled Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Drumpf — a reference to John Oliver's attempt at rebranding the candidate by his forefathers' name. Dock Street said in a statement that they are brewing the series “to declare our disdain for Drumpf, and to extend a little nod of solidarity to our friends, fans, and neighbors that also believe the country deserves better representation — on a national and international platform — in the race to be Commander in Chief.”

The brewery released the first of the series, lovingly named Short-Fingered Stout, in April, and described it as “a bitter and delusional stout with an airy, light-colored head atop a so-so body.” And although it’s packed with flavor, Dock Street doesn’t want you to fear its potency. “Don't worry, its bark is worse than its bite; this big baby comes in at a somewhat conservative 4.5 percent ABV,” the label description reads.

The second beer in the series, Drumple IPA, is currently on tap at the brewery. The double IPA comes in at a more robust 8.5 percent ABV, and is described by Dock Street as, "orange in color, it seems sweet and innocent enough at first but is bitter to the very end. Loaded with flavor and aroma, this beer can be appreciated by all sorts of beer drinkers — unlike certain presidential candidates.”

And let us not forget the beer that started it all last summer, Chinga tu Pelo, from 5 Rabbit Cerveceria in Chicago. The Latino-owned brewery renamed its summer golden ale Chinga Tu Pelo, which translates to "Fuck Your Hair," in Spanish. The rechristening was made after Donald Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers. Not only did 5 Rabbit’s owners say what we were all thinking with their renaming of the ale, but they also pulled the plug on making beer for Trump Tower’s Rebar in the Windy City.

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