Have a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

Have a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

Every year, Americans sit down at the table and stuff their faces with a Thanksgiving feast. But between the gravy-drenched turkey, the pumpkin pie, and that open-faced sandwich, all that delicious food can total more than 3,500 calories.

That’s at least a pound of fat in only two meals! Your best bet for surviving the holiday intact is to follow these pre- and post-Turkey Day activities so you can burn off those calories before they reach your gut.

Here is our week-long strategy to help you fight holiday bulge.


Hoof it to the gym and jump onto the treadmill for an hour at a moderate pace, then lift some weights for 15 minutes. Drink only water today, not only to keep yourself hydrated but also to save the 280 calories you would consume by drinking two cans of soda.

Calories burned/saved: 668.


 After eating a healthy protein-packed breakfast to kick-start your metabolism, skip rope for 15 minutes. Later, get outside and go jogging for a half hour.

Calories burned: 531.


After work, get into the ring and take a 30-minute boxing class. Skip the drive-thru for dinner and instead cook at home. Brush a chicken breast with a bit of barbecue sauce, throw it onto your George Foreman grill, and eat it with some steamed veggies.

Calories burned/saved: 1,443.


Ride your bike for an hour (outside or at the gym), then help get your house in order for the guests who will soon be streaming through the front door.

Calories burned: 796.


Before you eat yourself into a turkey coma, do five minutes of jumping jacks, and take a leisurely walk outside.

Calories burned: 197.


After scarfing down leftovers, rally your buddies and family for a friendly game of flag football.

Calories burned: 653.

Total calories saved/burned: 4,288.

Don’t stop There! More holidays are right around the corner!

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