Here’s How to Make the Rock’s ‘world Famous’ Pancakes

The Rock Pancakes / Instagram @therock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knows how to fuel up for a late night snack.

The Fast 8 star took to Instagram to show off his late night “mid-week carb up” with a big stack of his “world famous” pancakes:


Johnson wakes up around 4 a.m. each day to start his workout—so yes, a 10 p.m. snack qualifies a “late night” bite for the movie star.

But for a guy who so often makes his own signature projects from scratch (a new YouTube channel among them), the Rock crafted his pancake concoction from some pretty familiar ingredients:

 – Aunt Jemima mix
 – Milk chocolate chips—not the semi-sweet ones, because “sweet chocolate” was Johnson’s nickname in college
 – Maple syrup
 – Whipped cream

So there you have it: It doesn’t take much to make your own stack of The Rock’s “world famous” pancakes.

But if processed sugar and dairy products aren’t really your thing—and hey, no judgment here—then go ahead and try some of our healthy pancake alternatives. Better yet, add some protein to your own late-night snacks with these changeups:

 – Protein Pancakes: A one-two punch of glorious carbs and powerhouse protein.

 – Protein Quinoa Pancakes: This “complete” protein adds an earthy, nutty flavor.

 – Blueberry Banana Pancakes: Blueberries are delicious. Bananas are delicious. These pancakes are delicious.

 – Banana Chocolate-Chip Pancakes: Ditto above, plus chocolate chips. Rock likes.

 – Lean-Body “Yamcakes”: Because sweet potatoes shouldn’t just have to fly solo all the time.

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